From actress to NatuRawChef®

Naturopath for 30 years and raw chef since 2012 after studying vegan and raw culinary art in California, I am naturawchef.

Raw food was not a theoretical choice, but imposed itself on me in the silence of a fast at the end of which I could no longer eat anything that was cooked or processed. The call of fruits, vegetables, everything in the vegetable world has inspired me so deeply that this food has changed my life… and I have changed my life for it!

Thus, because I have had the pleasure of cooking and frequenting starred tables since the beginning, I have equated raw cuisine in a terribly gourmet way by creating new textures and flavours… to restore your vitality and your pleasure in eating healthy.

Because sensuality is the fusion point between matter and spirit, I created, to share the pleasures of my vegetable cuisine and without cooking.

Author of L’instant Cru and L’alimentation crue, naturally healthy (Ed. Albin Michel), I am a consultant chef at the famous Parisian restaurant L’Alcazar, where my vegetable cuisine is served without cooking, and trains young chefs at the Ferrandi school.

I take you on a journey of discovery through my culinary world, confident that what has changed my life enchants yours… joyfully !

Marie-Sophie L


MyBebooda: Food, your new passion?

Marie-Sophie L: Passionate about food since childhood, I have always been divided between the good to taste and the good for health. When I was a child, I was particularly greedy and at the same time frustrated.

What was offered to me tasted like “it’s not that”. As a result, I constantly wanted to cook but as I wasn’t always allowed to, I spent hours salivating, reading and rereading as one reads a novel the 1000 pages of L’art culinaire français written by our great masters of cooking…. by developing imaginary recipes…



MyB: When did you really start cooking?

MSL: As soon as I started living alone at 17 years old, I made my “homemade” soups, or rather “studette” house of 8m2, and my bread in a mini oven. I hardly bought anything prepared.

When I was playing in the theatre at the age of 20, on tour throughout France, I used to take my carefully chosen organic food to hotels so that I wouldn’t go to restaurants in the evening…

At 21, change of scenery… I had the chance to taste the best dishes at the table of the greatest French chefs with my first husband. I owe to these years the education of my palate through gustatory wonders that I still remember… engraved on the bottom of my taste buds and heart. At the same time, while breastfeeding my son at the Faculty of Medicine in Lariboisière, I became a naturopath.

I always excluded industrial products in favour of “homemade”… while continuing to study dietary and culinary trends… but always… a taste of “it’s not that yet”.
I was able to put at the heart of my kitchen the natural principles that allowed me to raise 4 children without having to resort to medicine.
A few years later, I left the turmoil of Parisian life to live seven years in Haute-Savoie, seven years of reflection, where I cultivated an incredibly fruitful vegetable garden enriched by the manure of my hens.


And always homemade bread, jams with very little sugar… al dente vegetables cooked by suffocation, vegetable milks, sprouted seeds… to feed my 4 children without having to go to the doctors to keep them in good health.
I always excluded industrial products in favour of “homemade”… while continuing to study dietary and culinary trends… but always… a taste of “it’s not that yet”.


MyB: When and how did you discover raw food, raw food ?

MSL: In 2012, when I returned from India where I had gathered my children for a trekking session, I began a fast after which I found myself wanting to eat only raw, raw food. It was a revelation.

A revelation on which I still surf today. The dissatisfaction, the taste of “it’s not that” had finally disappeared… forever!
I had found my food. Overflowing with a tenfold vitality, I immediately travelled all over the United States and landed in California, the cradle of Raw Food, to study in the best raw cooking schools… I returned from Raw Chef.


MyB: And you didn’t want to keep this revelation to yourself alone…

MSL: Yes, I immediately wanted to shout from the rooftops how great it was to eat raw… and above all, I started cooking raw with such joy that I anchored my love at first sight and my culinary creativity in the reality of a company, by founding L’instant Cru to offer online training, create a product line and launch a “L’instant Cru” menu, a new 100% vegetable and raw cuisine… an adventure that unfolds joyfully, wonderfully welcomed and supported by the demanding consumers that you are… I am delighted!

MyB: And now, you appear as a teacher in prestigious schools, such as L’ÉCOLE FERRANDI, alongside the famous chef Thierry Marx. What a career!

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